I have always had a love for boats and with the exception of just a few years, I cannot remember not being on one and on the water. I would like to think I began my career as a Boat Captain when I was just months old aboard my Parent’s boat as we cruised through downtown Pittsburgh.

Passionate about the water!

I began my first career in the Hospitality industry in Orlando Florida and then as a DJ. In 1996 I began working, as a civilian, at the Orlando Naval Training Center in what I will call hospitality for Service Members. I have been afforded the opportunity to work in Italy, North Carolina, and Florida at nine different installations for the Navy, Marine Corps, and the Army. I have worked in a variety of fields to include Recreation, Youth Programs, Food and Beverage, Lodging, Human Resources, and Administration. 

In 1999 I earned my PADI Divemaster and have since logged over 3000 dives, and worked as a divemaster and crew on several boats. I began my career as a Captain in 2010 while working for the Army in Destin Florida.  It was here that my passion really came alive working on four different vessels ranging from 16′ to 49′. After earning my “Six Pack License” in 2010 I purchased Piano and Piano and have never looked back. While living in Jacksonville Florida I earned my 25′ Ton Masters License and Towing Endorsement while I worked aboard several vessels as part of the Jacksonville Water Taxi staff shuttling people around town and to the Jaguars’ games. In addition, I ran my own fishing trips and Eco Tours in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine Areas. In August of 2018, I took the opportunity to accept a position at NAS Key West as the Fleet Readiness Director, knowing full well that Key West and the Lower Keys was the next logical step in becoming a full-time boat Captain. In 2019 I started WIM Digital Media doing content media production. In January 2020 I left my career behind with the Navy to pursue my passions full time.

I believe I am an innovative, people-centered champion, willing to take risks to break the paradigm to meet a shared mission, vision, and goal of serving people. I apply American ingenuity to re-engineer breakthroughs and create a new normal through a forensic approach to leadership, management, and service to create life-changing impacts for people. I have been providing a lifetime of selfless service thru my business and personal endeavors, to my family, my friends, and to my clients and customers.

I connect with people and have a proven track record of discovering what people need and helping them get it. I work thru inspired leadership to present change as an improvement not a burden, separate what should be done to what must be done, produce solutions rather than manage problems and embrace the unknown to succeed over the long haul.

My positive attitude has helped to create new standards of excellence in my life as well as in others as I am passionate about bringing joy to others, lending a helping hand and being a loyal and compassionate friend. 

It is for all of these reasons that I love being a Boat Captain and I am hoping that I will be able to share my passion of the water with you. For me there is nothing better than ensuring that my clients can take it easy, relax, re-center, spend time with family and friends, have fun, and create lasting memories that will enrich and impact your life forever.

Until I see you on the water; Piano Piano!

Charters We Offer

We specialized in offering a local experience from amazing Gulf sunsets cruises, sightseeing trips, eco-tours, shelling trips, sandbars, beaches, real estate tours, moonlight cruises, along with lunch and dinner cruises to great local restaurants. We build custom charters for all ages so you can discover the natural wonders of the Paradise Coast. From our home base at Naples Bay Resort and Marina, we are just a short ride to all the action. Our goal for you is to take it easy, enjoy your time on the water, relax, re-center yourself, spend time with family and friends, have fun, and create lasting memories that will enrich and impact your life forever.

We are not currently offering any fishing trips but do hope to resume those in the future.