Eco, sightseeing and sandbar Tours

Our Eco, sightseeing and sandbar tours are one of Captain Bill’s favorite charters!

These tours are the most relaxing and allow him to show you his front and back yards. Another reason he loves these tours so much is they are very family and group-friendly; something for everyone. It is the most economical way to spend the day on the water; exploring waters that the big charters companies do not go to, giving you the up close and personal view of the incredible ecosystems that are the Lower Keys. These tours are great for locals and visitors alike. Up to six passengers are allowed on these trips.

In addition to exploring the amazing water of the Lower Keys on these trips we regularly see all that mother nature has to show us, including a variety of Birds, Fish, Turtles, Sting Rays, Sharks, Crabs, and even Dolphin’s along with and an occasional Manatee.

Let Captain Bill take you to the Iconic American Shoal Lighthouse, visit mangrove islands, secluded sandbars, private beaches, and lush mangroves; places that only the locals know. We’ll drop the power pole and anchor at the sandbar or on a beach during low tide. You can hunt for shells, swim in the beautiful waters, or just relax on a raft while sipping on your favorite beverage. This is a fully customizable tour where you can explore from the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean and everything in between.

Rafts, noodles, shade covers are also included and yes, these tours are pet friendly.

Are you a local just looking to spend some time on the water or do not have a boat? If you have not been out to Contents lately, it is time to fall in love with it again. Have a drink or two and leave the boating to us.

Just bring your sunscreen, hat, favorite beverages, food and come aboard for a great adventure. Oh do not forget the life jacket for your fur baby.