Nearshore Reef Fishing

Probably one of the most popular types of fishing here in the Lower Keys is the nearshore reef fishing. From the dock to fishing grounds in as little as 30 minutes in water depts from 15 to 100 feet.

Captain Bill calls this grocery shopping because the chances of putting fish in the boat are very high. This fishing offers the most variety and opportunity to catch a variety of fish to include Yellow Tail, Mutton, and Mangrove snappers, barracudas, bonito, sharks, Cobia, jacks, and mackerel. If you are looking for a fun day for the entire group this is the trip for you. Once the bite gets going this is generally fast fishing for great table fare and perfect for the young angler to the most experienced angler. We will use a variety of light tackle gear, dead bait, live bait, and lures.